Welcome to the exciting world of K9 Nose Work®. Nosework is a new sport modeled after detection training for narcotics or bomb dogs. We teach dogs to search for target odors in a variety of settings to create a mind challenging and extremely fun game for your dog to play. We currently hold classes in these locations:

Moorpark (Monday Evening Intro, NW1/ORT prep and NW2/NW3 prep classes offered, contact: daneenfox@aol.com)

Apple Valley (Thursday Evening Intro and NW1/ORT prep classes offered, contact: readysitgo@gmail.com)

Leona Valley (Sunday Morning Intro, NW1/ORT prep and NW2/NW3 prep classes offered, Monday Morning NW2/3 prep classes offered contact: readysitgo@gmail.com)

Canoga Park (Tuesday Evening NW1/ORT prep offered, contact: chills37@aol.com)

Intro sessions run for 5 weeks, Competition classes run monthly, costs vary by location.

Classes start monthly

Contact us today to find out when our next session begins or to watch a class at readysitgo@gmail.com or 626.993.4475

For more information on K9 Nose Work® visit: http://www.nacsw.net/

Michael is an Certified Nose Work Instructor with the National Association for Canine Scent Work.