Learn important skills


This is a program tailored for anyone from first time to veteran dog owners. In this you will learn the 11 skills you and your dog need to know to be happy, safe, and valued members of your community.


Gain ranks


Just like in a karate dojo, you will progress through ranks. Instead of colored belts, we use colored leads. There are 6 ranks, when you start you are automatically a “white lead”, next comes yellow, then green, then red, then brown, and lastly black. The first 3 ranks are about basic good dog ownership. Red is about off leash training. Brown and Black are for the most serious dog owners.

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The Skills

The 11 skills are broken into 3 groups:

Handler skills:

Handler skills are the skills YOU need to understand your dog and train them.

Knowledge – this skill is about understanding the theory behind dogs, their history, mind, structure and learning. It also includes understanding your dog’s nutrition and the legal aspects of owning a dog. Without this skill you will be trying to train blindfolded.

Mechanical – this shows that you’ve mastered the basic mechanics of training animals. As you progress the mechanical skills and timing becomes more difficult and you will have to combine them in creative ways.

Working – this skill is about understanding that your dog was designed to fulfill a purpose. Without satisfying that need, all dog training will only be applying a “band aid”, treating symptoms not causes.


These are about the dog being well mannered and emotionally balanced.

Confidence – this skill is about your dog’s ability to handle different kinds of stress and enjoy tackling challenges alongside their handler


Friendliness – this skill is about your dog’s ability to engage with and tolerate human contact and behavior

Manners – this skill is about your dog’s ability to be well mannered and maintain good etiquette in public


These are about the signals the dog needs to understand to fit into your lifestyle.

No – “Yes” and “No” are the two most important signals you will teach your dog

Leading – this skill is about your ability to inspire confidence and attract your dog to you. Traditionally this concept is known as “heeling” or just “leash walking”

Stay – this skill is about the dog remaining in the position you leave them in

Recall – this skill is about regaining control of your dog

Go – this skill is about being able to direct your dog away from you and controlling them at a distance


Do you think you have what it takes to get to black belt? Below is a link to a chart showing the skills and ranks:

Doggy Dojo ranks & Skills